Professional Cleaning Services Near Me Winter Park FL

Recurring Maintenance Cleaning
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Seize the Opportunity for Unwavering Cleanliness

Professional Cleaning Services Near Me Winter Park FL


You are going to love your home! Clean, healthy air, your mind at peace and your time preserved!

Our recurring cleanings are perfect for busy homeowners who want the peace of mind (and more free time!) that comes with knowing their home is always looking its best. We use a solo cleaning model (we send the same technician every time unless she/he has the day off) so your regular cleaning technician will complete the items on the 55-point checklist to keep your home peaceful and sparkling all the time!

Whether you need weeklybi-weeklytri-weekly or monthly service, we will work with you to create a schedule that fits your needs. For your cleanings, we will work with you to make sure it is scheduled on a day that is best for everyone.


The Original Dust Bunny Maid Service is proud to be certified by the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International (ARCSI). This certification means that our team has been trained and tested on the chemistry of house cleaning and we are dedicated to providing the highest quality cleaning services possible.


As a Cleaning for A Reason partner, we are committed to providing two free house cleanings to individuals and families undergoing cancer treatment. We donate through  It is very rewarding to the technicians that make a difference for the cancer patients and makes our heart glad to be a part of this as well as in the top 10% of companies that do these donations.