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I am Sherry, owner of The Original Dust Bunny Maid Service.

I moved here from the Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota area, and being a life-long resident of Minnesota; I longed for a warmer climate. After a couple of years of planning, I came with my three school-age children and settled in Winter Park, Florida. Their dad already lived in Florida in the Space Coast area.

In Minnesota, I had been a REALTOR for 20 years and was then a loan officer for six years. Not long after arriving in Florida, the four back-to-back hurricanes in the fall of 2004 hit, and I worked for the SBA as a loan officer for the hurricane victims. However, I wanted a different career in Florida where I could wear casual clothes and do something more hands-on. I tried some other things and finally decided cleaning houses would give me the daytime hours of work so I could spend time with my three active children, watching their sports and performances.

I became a sponge soaking up knowledge of acid Ph, and alkaline Ph and how to properly clean different surfaces studied cleaning products and equipment. I have never stopped testing and learning.

Now that my children are grown and have careers of their own, my focus is on growing the Original Dust Bunny Maid Service (my last child) into a business where it can continue to provide a good comfortable living for employees and build a workplace they can be respected and appreciated. Our well-trained employees offer stellar service to the clients we love. We do our best to keep the same employees with the same clients and hire technicians who share our core values of being kind, doing your best, and having fun.