On-going maintenence Cleaning Services

The First Cleaning: This will be a bigger one (and takes much longer) to get everything clean down to a sparkle! This is a deep, top-to-bottom cleaning. We know that preparation is the key to a good result, so our team will take all the necessary steps to ensure surfaces are squeaky clean so subsequent cleanings will be to remove the new dirt. You can count on us to leave your home looking fantastic and in perfect order.

Extra Services

Our cleaning range geographically is a circle from the office in Orlando near the 408 and Bumby Avenue. The zip codes where we clean are as follows: 32792, 32789, 32807,32803, 32804, 30751,These areas are basically, Winter Park, Maitland, Downtown, Orlando city, College Park, and Baldwin Park. You can count on The Original Dust Bunny as your preferred and trusted house cleaning service.

            Where do we clean houses?

From a weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly or occasional cleaning, our professional cleaning technicians know what it takes to transform and maintain your living environment. We can usually cater to special requests to customize your service if needed. We provide the products and the equipment (such as the vacuum cleaner) so you don't need to think about that and they are the best products and equipment we have found after years of testing in hundreds of cleanings so we can be sure you get exactly the cleaning you want. A thorough cleaning of your home costs about as much as a nice dinner out for two.

A well-cleaned home offers a lot more than just looking nice. It affects all aspects of the lives that live within. We also clean blinds, windows, ovens, refrigertators, cabinet interiors, cleaning up from construction projects and more in our DEEP CLEANING category that has separate pricing. You can trust us to make your property stand out.

55- point Checklist

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12 point Checklist for small Cleanings

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 Public areas 23 checkpoints:

 1. Furniture dry dusted with treated duster  
 2. Wood furniture tops polished with Pledge if appropriate
 3. TV and electronics dusted with treated duster
 4. Upholstered furniture brushed off and fluffed as needed incl vacuum under the cushions
 5. Pillows fluffed and symmetrically placed, throws folded and draped or stowed if appropriate

 6. Hardwood floors, laminate or tile vacuumed

 7. Floors damp-mopped as needed with appropriate mop and product
 8. Carpeted floors and large area rugs vacuumed 
 9. Dust picture frames with treated duster and wipe glass if dirty                            

10. Periodic edge-vacuum carpeting
11. Vacuum floors under sofas, chairs, tables and ottomans if accessible with our wand
12. Glass tables cleaned to a nice sparkle
13. Lamp shades dusted or vacuumed as needed and checked for cobwebs
14. Light, general symmetrical straightening completed so the room is picture perfect
15. Air handler vent dusted/vacuumed as needed

16. Dust accessible baseboards and window sills as needed 

17. One patio door cleaned inside and outside (if you have more or have none, pricing is reflected)
18. Glass doors on furniture or entertainment unit cleaned to sparkle
19. Front door glass & sidelight windows cleaned
20. Indoor cobwebs swept thruout-if you know of some, tip us off, sometimes they are difficult to see
21. Ceiling fans dusted if reachable & switched off

22. Fingerprints and smudges wiped from woodwork, doorframes and switch plates thruout
23. Arrange items attractively, such as fanning magazines on a coffee table (if too many, they will be stacked)

 Bathrooms 11 checkpoints:

24. Sinks and vanity top thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, rinsed and dried and items straightened

25. Sink drains and faucets cleaned of mildew as far as our brush will reach

26. Chrome and stainless items and fixtures cleaned and wiped dry
27. Inside toilet bowls scrubbed and also brush bleach under the rim to keep mold in check 
28. Toilet thoroughly wiped on the exterior with a disinfectant including the seat and hinges and behind.   
29. Mirrors and shower doors cleaned crystal clear
30. Tub and/or shower tiles thoroughly scrubbed, rinsed and dried

31. Spot clean mold with bleach and a brush in tubs and showers
32. Trash emptied and bin relined or cleaned 
33. Vacuum and wash the floor 

34. Shake rugs and straighten towels (replace if preferred)

  Kitchen: 12 checkpoints:
35. Countertops and backsplash cleaned, all items lifted 
36. Cabinet fronts damp-wiped or dusted as needed
37. Sink and faucet cleaned and dried
38. Garbage disposal gasket scrubbed on underside to get out all the nasty stuff that smells bad
39. Shake rugs, vacuum and wash floor
40. Exterior fronts of major appliances and stovetop wiped and stainless steel polished if stainless steel
41. Small appliance exteriors wiped, toaster crumbs emptied if accessible
42. Microwave exterior and interior cleaned 
43. Scrub around kitchen faucet to disinfect and remove mineral deposits if possible 
44. Trash emptied, relined and bin exterior cleaned
45. Wash kitchen window sill and glass over the sink if there is one (If none, job is priced accordingly)

46. Straighten table and chairs and placemats and wipe or dust.

 Bedrooms: 13 checkpoints:
47. Floors vacuumed including open area inside closets and area rugs vacuumed or shaken 
48. Dust ceiling fan if reachable & off
49. Sheets changed (if part of your plan) and all and beds made and looking pretty
50. All furniture dry dusted with a treated duster or wet dusted with Pledge if applicable
51. Mirrors and picture frames dusted or cleaned as needed
52. Dust baseboards and doors and trim, wipe fingerprints and smudges 
53. Damp mop hard surface floors with appropriate product and mop  
54. Vacuum under the bed if accessible (if items are not stored there)
55. Trash emptied and disposed

 About Knick knacks: We usually dust around knick knacks, picture frames and books and occasionally lift them to dust to avoid an unsightly ring of dust. If you need every item lifted every time, there will be considerable extra labor involved and be aware breakage goes up. We try our best to be careful, but it happens.


 About Pet things: We are very fond of pets and have some ourselves! However, here is a list of what we do not clean:  Litter boxes and scattered litter near the box, accidents (you know what we mean), pet beds and mats, scattered food around a food dish, pet hair on draperies and upholstered furniture. We use our equipment at many homes and cannot compromise the cleanliness of our tools. I can reccommend for you a lint roller for pet hair and a whist broom and dustpan for litter and spilled food. We will get your floors clean of pet hair dustbunnies and glass clear of pet smudges!

 About Clutter:  Children's toys, piles of clothes, papers, mail, dirty dishes, dirty laundry and stuff. We will clean around things like this and may stack them neatly or pile them a bit to mimimize the space it takes. Since most of that falls in the category of "daily" cleaning, it is your job.  A good idea for you is to have some baskets around for a quick pick up. A clothes basket for dirty laundry or scattered toys, a nice wicker basket for papers and mail, a durable plastic basket for excess products in a bathroom that can be tucked under the sink or in a closet. We limit ourselves to doing your "weekly" cleaning and your "deep" cleaning (as an optional added extra.) We don't mind getting your clean sheets out of the dryer, but are usually not in the home long enough to actually do laundry.

 About construction dust:  It is exciting to have some home improvements occur and we don't mind cleaning the dust. Let us know ahead what to expect and chances are it is going to take considerably longer to clean and there will likely be a surcharge for the extra work.

Sometimes a full cleaning is more than what fits the budget. We offer a small cleaning which is basically floors and bathrooms. People like to alternate a small cleaning with a regular cleaning to have the house cleaned more frequently and be gentle on the pocketbook. Floors and bathrooms are the first to get dirty and make the house look untidy.

The first 11 steps are the BATHROOM checklist above and the 12th one is to vacuum all floors and wash the hard surface floors. If a Regular Cleaning is priced $120 for you, the Small Cleaning will be $80. It takes 2/3 the time of a regular cleaning.