About Us

Each person on our team plays an active role. We are more like a family than a corporation. The company was founded with solid principles and a belief in independence. That belief is what drives us to do right by our clients. It is a privilege to be invited to work at someone's home and we are honored every time a client chooses us.

 55-Point checklist

A dedicated work ethic and a commitment to excellence is what makes The Original Dust Bunny stand out. Our years of experience has taught us a lot, and has allowed us to build an unshakeable reputation as one of the finest housecleaning companies in the greater Winter Park region. We work off a 55- Point checklist, please see "Services" page for the details!

The Original Dust Bunny

I am Sherry Cooper, the Original Dust Bunny. I spent most of my life in the harsh climate of Minneapolis, Minnesota and my childhood in Northern Minnesota near Canada. We really know what clean is because a compliment is when a neighbor tells another that your house is so clean you could eat off the floor! No one really did of course, but my Norwegian grandmother Martha showed me how to clean floors with a knife! That was to get under the baseboards and in other crevices. We had a steaming pail of pine scented water and our fingers were shriveled into prunes by the time we finished. We beat rugs over a clothesline and no smudge could be left behind. Housecleaning has come a long way but my early training did teach me to have attention to detail and not be afraid of hard work.

     After college at the University of North Dakota, my adult years were spent in real estate and finance. I longed for years for a warmer climate and decided that Winter Park, Florida would be a good place. I moved along with my family to Florida just before the onslaught of the hurricanes in 2004 and worked for the federal government giving loans to hurricaine victims through the SBA. The hurricaines made a lot of mess and somewhere through all of that I decided I should open a cleaning business.

     I practiced on a friend's house to get cleaning down to a science and an art. I went through a lot of products and tried a lot of methods and equipment to get good results efficiently. I studied many maid service businesses and traveled to observe and learn.

     After all of that, I believe we have the finest housecleaning service in central Florida. We strive to be the most courteous and professional company possible.

     Whatever questions you have about cleaning, our services, or our company, we are here to answer. Let us be your housecleaning company!


Michael Janas: “The Original Dust Bunny is thorough and professional. They do an excellent job and show up when they say they will. I could never keep up with everything that they are able to do.”

Kevin and Laurie, Orlando:  “Sherry is a real pro. She’s constantly researching ways to improve her cleaning. We had hard water stains on our shower doors and tried everything to clean it. We came home one day and like magic, it looked like a new door! We were sold!”
Rebecca M :  “I have used Sherry’s service for years. They are reliable and extremely thorough. As a person who works long hours, it is so nice to come home to a sparkling clean house. I would recommend them to any of my close friends.
Lauren Motcheck, Winter Park: “The Original Dust Bunny has been cleaning my place for about 5 years. I look forward to the day they clean…It is the most relaxing day of the week for me.”  
Janie B:  “Thanks to the Original Dust Bunny my house is always clean when company comes.”  
Dianne and Jim Gocek:  “My husband and I have been using the Original Dust Bunny Cleaning service for our home in Baldwin Park for the last two years. Sherry and her staff clean our home impeccably. They are extremely pleasant, professional, and concerned that they do a great job for our family. I like that they are responsive to our needs, communicate to let us know when they will come to clean, arrive on time and are efficient in getting the job done. It is nice to have someone in your home that you like and can trust. I would highly recommend their cleaning service.” 
Paula B. of Orlando:  “Sherry Cooper and her team are the best. They are very dependable and do a great job every time. I would recommend them to everybody.” 
Dr Mark and Mary Soliman, Orlando, FL:  “How many people can you trust to be in your house when you are not home? Sherry is one of those people and more! She does a phenomenal job and goes above and beyond each time. We have been using her service for over a year and a half and have recommended her to our closest friends and family, who all feel the same.”
Jim Efantis, Orlando, FL:  “I am extremely impressed with the attention to detail each visit. Our house looks brand new after a cleaning!”
Anita Hasegawa:  “Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did cleaning our home while we were on vacation. The bathroom was amazing, could not believe how clean you got the shower. The kitchen was especially nice.” 
T. Price, Baldwin Park:  “Sherry is the best thing that has happened to me since I moved to Orlando. I feel safe with her taking care of my house while I am away at work. She is dependable, reliable, honest, hard working, accommodating and does a wonderful job!”
Karen Harrington, Winter Park:  “The Original Dust Bunny approaches clients with professionalism, flexibility and customized cleaning that caters to the needs of our home and family.” 
Randall Bell:  “They did everything they promised they would. I was thoroughly impressed with the high level of competence and professionalism. I would highly recommend the Original Dust Bunny for anybody.”
David and Carelle:  “Sherry has been cleaning our home for three years. She is honest, dependable and detail oriented. We love her work and referred her to all of our friends and neighbors.”
Bob and Sally: “We feel comfortable having Sherry’s service clean even if we are not able to be home because they are trustworthy and dependable.” 
Karen Bonner, Winter Park: “It is with pleasure I comment on the Original Dust Bunny. This is one small gesture, which I can share the joy and satisfaction I have experienced by using Sherry's service. I have experienced the Dust Bunny's talents and can recommend Sherry highly and sincerely."
  Celeste Dinger:  “You did an awesome job -- everything looks fantastic. The bathroom, bedroom, whole house looks awesome and smells fresh."
The Mirs, Downtown Orlando:  “The Dust Bunny is great, they always do a great job, they are reliable and most importantly, very trustworthy!”